Rental Conditions

Displayed prices rent a costume for one period, ie. 1-3 days. For example, if you need a costume on Saturday, you will receive a costume on Thursday-Friday, and you return on Monday. The price remains the same, we do not consider the weekend. You can come and look at the costumes to try on weekdays from 12:00 to 18:00.

Before hiring:

  1. Please find your costume from web using Search and Filters. Costumes approximate sizes are given in "Product Details". Costume can search by name and / or size - use Filters.  If you've got an idea of our offered selection, come on-site to see the costumes and try. If you want a costume for a determined period of time, you can make a booking. When booking on-site , you can be confident that you will get suitable costume.
    If you can not come onsite (especially in the case of children of costumes), you can also book costumes in our website.
  2. Please contact us in advance to verify the existence of a costume you'd like to rent at specific date. Opening times we are always present.
  3. You can book a costume at costume page by pressing the button "Booking request for the" and fill out the form. After sending it ("send a booking request"), wait for a response from us (e-mail), confirming the booking. We try to answer within 1 business day. To book, we can ask for reservation fee (1 euro for children and 2 euros for adult costumes), and advance payment in 50% of rental price (Usually only in December). Deposit and booking fee are not refundable.
  4. Even if you can not find a suitable costume in the catalog, be sure to call us and let us know - there is always a chance that if we have enough time and materials to sew your costume.


For rental:

Many of the costumes and accessories, we are taking a deposit which you get back on the return of the costume. The deposit is € 20 for adults costumes (or even more for precious costumes), € 10 children's costumes.

  1. Please bring identification document with you.
  2. You can pay in cash, by credit card or invoice (pre-payment only). we prefer cash for deposit part.
  3. Agree a time when costumes are returned.
  4. Review Costume situation before signing a contract. Late claims will not be accepted and the loan money is not refundable.


To qualify for deposit refund:

  1. Bring a costume back within the agreed time, the delay may cause reduced refundable deposit.
  2. If you fail to return the costume at the agreed time, please call and let's try to agree a new time.
  3. Bring a costume back in the same situation as us got it. If you returns uss the costume as very dirty or damaged, we may reduce the amount of the refundable deposit. Before the costume cleaned / washed, please consult with us, not to ruin the costume.  If the costume is damaged or lost, you will be responsibe full cost of the costume, stated in rental contract.